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YOOV is a fast-growing technology company, there are over 200 talents in our team. We have developed a reliable corporate management system, to drive digital transformation among clients from different industries and sizes.

Based on business growth and customer base extension, we truly understand your demands in different stage. To achieve ultimate smooth operation, all you need is a single fully-functional platform.

Create your custom solution with YOOV's flexible system builder. To achieve cross-functional collaboration and intelligent management.

YOOV office
Be a leading innovator to facilitate digital transformation and centralized management among our clients, move with the times and grow together.
With YOOV centralized management system, enhance management efficiency and resource utilization from internal to external, achieve business intelligence and innovation.
  • To improve corporate centralized management
  • Bring superior value to our partners continuously
  • To reinforce user experience regularly

  Our milestones

Jul 2023
BUSINESS GOVirtual Tech Awards 2023 ─ Excellence Award
YOOV Business AI Launched
Dec 2022
Hong Kong Business Awards 2022 - Startup Award
Nov 2022
5th place in the Corporate Innovation Index (CII) 2022
Nov 2022
Hong Kong ICT Awards 2022 - Gold Award in Business Solution Awards
Nov 2022
Standard Chartered Corporate Achievement Awards 2022 - New Economy Corporate - Outstanding Award
Aug 2022
YOOV and YF Life Launched VALUE+
Jul 2022
YOOV, Dah Sing Bank and JETCO Announced SME Digital Business and Fintech Partership
May 2022
15,000+ corporate customers
Jun 2021
Capital Outstanding eCommerce Awards 2020/21
May 2021
Total client count reaches 5,000
May 2020
Total client count reaches 3,000
Jun 2019
YOOV Domain & YOOV Email launched
Apr 2019
Ttile Sponsor of TVB's "Innovartion GPS" TV program
Feb 2018
Angel Round Funding Obtained
(Investment by Mirae Asset, a Subsidiary of Korea Development Bank, and Agriculture Fund of China, a Subsidiary of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
Apr 2017
Seed Round Funding Obtained
Feb 2017
YOOV EAT Launched
Dec 2016
YOOV WORK Launched
May 2016
YOOV Established


Corporate Innovation Index (CII) 2022 - 5th Place

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2022 Gold Award

Standard Chartered Coporate Achievement Awards 2022

BusinessFocus Award 2022

Happy Company 2022

13th Your Choice @ Focus 2022

Capital Outstanding eCommerce Awards 2020/21

Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme

Caring Company 2021/22

Most Innovative Enterprise Award 2020


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