YOOV WORK Workflow Approval Management

Workflow Approval Management

Support various approvals, enjoy convenient and efficient workflow approval management wherever you are, all you need is a mobile.

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     Various approvals, all support

    Based on the needs of different industries and scenarios, freely design workflow approval that suits your needs.

    Records the category, reason, and details, for better illustrative purposes and to speed up approval procedures.

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    Drag-and-drop setting

    Design the approval process according to business needs with drag-and-drop functionality.

    • Design approval form and process via drag-and-drop features
    • Customize the field names, prompt words, and force-filled option
    • Set up multiple condition process and preset different field options
    • Custom approval process branch and CC object
    • Set partial or all approvers to approve
    Drag-and-drop setting

    Digitize applications and approvals

    Processing of approvals via a cloud-based system, reducing data entry time, human error and paper use.

    • Submit and withdraw approvals on mobile app
    • Approval status and records is accessible for personnel
    • Approval due date reminder
    • Excel format supported for approval records
    • Download approval records as PDFs
    Digitize applications and approvals

    Support mobile phone or laptop

    Whether mobile version or web version, you can apply for leaves, swap shift request, expenses reimbursement and more.

    Support mobile phone or laptop

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