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Smart Leave Management

System records and reminds essential days, empties leave balance automatically, let you efficiently conduct leave management.

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 Customize leave types for specific employees

Leave categories (E.g. Annual leave, no pay leave, birthday leave etc.) are by default within system. Administrator can adjust it according to the company policy.

  • The system will grant or empty the leave balance according to rules
  • Set leave application rules (E.g. One-day/Half-day/Hourly, whether employee can take leave within probation).
  • Set date granting rules & date (E.g. Leave grants on January 1 every year/Employee’s work anniversary day/Grantly monthly/annually).
  • Increasing leave balance by seniority
  • Set leave validity period and leave balance rolling rule (Roll over partial/valid permanently)
  • Inform leave balance detail to employees by message before the expiry of the leave days
Customize leave types for specific employees

 Clear leave records for easy tracking

Any adjustment on the system will be recorded for later tracking.

  • The system will automatically organise leave granting, adjusting, clearing and usage records
  • The administrator can adjust employees’ leave balance
  • Administrator can import leave records
  • When an employee applies for leave, leave balance quota will be deducted automatically
  • The System can export the leave records and balance data to Excel file
Clear leave records for easy tracking

 Self-serve leave management

Employees apply for leave by mobile and the system will record and count the accurate leave balance automatically. Employees can also online access the information of leave history and leave balance.

  • Apply for leave via mobile app
  • View leave history via mobile app
  • View leave balance via mobile app
Self-serve leave management

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