Green Waffle:American Style Eatery With Waffles

Green Waffle:American Style Eatery With Waffles

Green Waffle Diner

📍 Western/American/All Day Breakfast/Salad/Coffee Shop/Salt & Sugar Reduction Restaurant


Green Waffle is a stylish American-style eatery, offering waffles and targeting youngsters. With branches at Causeway Bay’s Hysan Place, Central’s Graham Street and Yuen Long’s Yoho Mall, Green Waffle enjoys popularity thanks to its excellent locations.


With youngsters as the target audience, the conventional paper-and-pen order-taking method doesn’t match the restaurant’s identity. Therefore, Green Waffle has always been a user of POS restaurant management systems. That said, the original system wasn’t stable. With poor technical support from the system provider, the staff often felt helpless when dealing with system issues.

Green Waffle needed a stable restaurant POS system with good technical support. The restaurant also looked forward to mobile QR code ordering and dish customization functionalities, allowing customers to order a waffle with personalized flavours and ingredients through mobile phones.

Restaurants’ Needs Met With YOOV EAT

Thanks to the YOOV EAT system, the restaurant enjoys greater efficiency, shorter customer waiting time, fewer order-taking mistakes, and minimal checkout miscalculations. The system also has a technical support hotline where staff can get assistance from YOOV EAT’s customer service team.

In light of the pandemic, YOOV EAT’s built-in mobile QR code ordering feature reduces customer-staff contact. What’s more, our system offers a customizable mobile ordering interface, allowing customers to choose waffle flavours and ingredients. The result is an enhanced dining experience, thanks to convenience and reliability in order-taking.


The restaurant enjoys minimal mistakes in order-taking, increased serving efficiency and sufficient support in case of system issues. The QR code mobile ordering feature decreases virus-spreading risks and boosts customer satisfaction.