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Digitalised and automated data management platform

All the inventory data is well-integrated and stored in the YOOV central cloud database to facilitate stock tracking. To automatically calculates basic salary, attendance, holidays and other data, then generates e-payslip, high efficiency and takes individual privacy seriously!


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  Achieve corporate centralized management

With YOOV's one shared platform, all data are well-stored and accessible to each user. To leverage a centralized business model to achieve cross-functional collaboration and create a seamless cooperative office.

iconiconAchieve corporate centralized management

  Create your custom solution

Highly flexible to build the optimal system framework. No technical barriers nor coding is needed. Feel free to develop your solution with YOOV's building block system.

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  Manage with digital business model

Automate daily workflow with all-around digitalization, from internal to external operations. Visualize data for a better understanding of your business and improve operational efficiency.

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