YOOV WORK Smart Attendance Management

Smart Attendance Management

Support multiple punch-in methods, auto-records attendance data and salary calculation. The system also brings you automatic management and report generation, get informed of all real-time intelligence.

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 Multiple punch-in methods

YOOV’s attendance machine supports punch-in via facial or fingerprint recognition. With real-time data importable upon connecting with system, mobile app punch-in (via GPS or workplace Wi-Fi) is also available.

  • Support attendance machine with face or fingerprint recognition
  • Supports punch-in via GPS or Wi-Fi
  • Sync attendance data with YOOV EAT POS system
  • Batch import data from third-party attendance machine
Multiple punch-in methods

 Real-time attendance records

From late at work to leave, review your company’s attendance data fully. With our mobile app, employees can view attendance records anytime and fill in missing attendance records.

  • Punch-in records
  • Leave records
  • Work overtime records
  • Fieldwork records
  • Available to self-check records on mobile app
Real-time attendance records

 Customize attendance rules

Set penalties for being late at work or leaving early. Also set up overtime rules and compensation option including pay or leave according to company needs.

  • Set deduction rules
  • Set work overtime allowance rules
  • Auto-calculate attendance data and salaries
Customize attendance rules

 Auto-calculate attendance data

The system records various attendance data and auto-calculates salary deduction, compensation pay, compensation leave and more. No more manual calculation.

  • Easy access to records
  • Save time on manual data entry
  • Export Excel reports
Auto-calculate attendance data

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