YOOV WORK Workflow Approval Management

Workflow Approval Management

Support various approvals, enjoy convenient and efficient workflow approval management wherever you are, all you need is a mobile.

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 Various approvals, all support

Based on the needs of different industries and scenarios, freely design workflow approval that suits your needs.


Inform real-time work progress and ask for fieldwork permission through the mobile app, and facilitate internal communication.


 Simple to set up

Just a few easy steps, design the approval form and approval process according to your business needs

  • Design the approval form and approval process by yourself
  • Customized the field names, prompt words, and can set it as a required field
  • Preset options in different fields based on approval requirements
  • The approval and the CC process can be set according to different conditions
  • Set partial or all approvers to approve

 Digitize applications and approvals

No matter where you are, the application and approval can be processed instantly with the mobile app or web portal

  • Reduce data entry time and paper usage
  • Application or approval can be done with the mobile app
  • Employees can check the approval status and application records by themselves
  • The system automatically organizes records into Excel reports
  • Approval records can be downloaded as PDF for archiving

 Support mobile phone or laptop

Whether mobile version or web version, you can apply for leaves, swap shift request, expenses reimbursement and more.

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