YOOV WORK Payroll Calculation & Management

Payroll Calculation & Management

Calculate salary and generate e-payslip automatically and instantly, work with ease and efficiency.

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 Preset rules for stress-free auto salary calculation

Based on preference setting, integrate attendance and leave data for monthly payroll calculation. Generate e-payslip for employees in mobile app.

  • Set full-time and part-time rules (Monthly/Daily/Hourly salary)
  • Set attendance reward/penalty rules (Late at work/Early leave reductions etc.)
  • Set leave salary rules (Annual leave/Sick leave/Personal leave etc.)
  • Set compensation rules (Work overtime/Remote area work allowance/Attendance award etc.)
  • Auto-calculate salary and MPF amount

 HK mandatory and voluntary contribution settings

Select MPF type and set up contribution rules freely, and sum up the total amount by the system. Support standard file format of 9 mainstream MPF suppliers.

  • Select MPF type (General/Industry plans/Foreign employees)
  • Set MPF rules
  • Auto-calculation of MPF amount

 Detailed electronic payroll with high privacy protection

Generate e-payslip and send to employee’s mobile app to prevent being incorrectly distributed or lost.

  • Generate E-payslips automatically
  • View and confirm e-payslips on mobile app
  • Employee can view and download payslips on mobile app

 Automatically generate various e-reports​

The system automatically generates MPF remittance statements, tax returns and more, minimising human errors.

 Gain better insight of resource allocation with data charts

The system automatically generates various reports and the data is clear at a glance.

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