Cloud Restaurant POS System

Diversified ordering methods and workflow automation, complete tasks by yourself from table setup to checkout.

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 POS System

YOOV EAT restaurant POS system combines self ordering and takeaway ordering features to simplify tasks including table setup, order-taking, takeaway order processing, sending orders to kitchen and checkout.
The system also record all the data such as popular dishes, peak hours and sales volumns for operational analysis.

  • Quick ordering
  • Table status management
  • Real-time adjustment of menu
  • Real-time order adjustment
  • Takeaway order management
  • Data Analysis
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 QR code self-ordering

Various ordering methods: QR code, cashier, waiter, or self-ordering.
Conventional systems either require additional fees, or don’t support self-ordering function but YOOV EAT supports self-ordering function without extra charging.
After ordering, the order is sent to kitchen and water bar automatically. Speed up the entire ordering process.

  • QR code self-ordering
  • Real-time menu update
  • Customized ordering
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 Increase your restaurant’s efficiency in all aspects

Customers can make an order waiter-free by scanning a QR code with mobile phone.

 The advantages of YOOV EAT

Manpower saving

Multiple QR code ordering methods to speed up the delivery process and increase the table turnover rate, reduce manpower.

Managing anytime, everywhere

Users can access cloud-based POS system with mobile or desktop to adjust menu and price, also viewing operation database anytime, anywhere.

Data security

With the banking standards of SSL transmission encryption and AES encryption technology, all data is safely stored in the YOOV cloud system and would not be harmed even system breakdowns.

Working offline

When the network is unstable, the system is still functioning with “Working offline” mode. Once the connection is restored, all data will resume syncing with the cloud.

Installment plan up to 12 months

YOOV help you to shoulder the burden of starting a business. We provides an instalment plan up to 6 or 12 months, for you to use our POS system without any financial pressure.

Successfully approved as a TVP project

The YOOV EAT restaurant POS system has been successfully approved as a fundable project many times, allowing customers to enjoy the multifunctional system at a low cost.



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