Monkey Tree:Boosting Efficiency With YOOV WORK

Monkey Tree:Boosting Efficiency With YOOV WORK

Monkey Tree English Learning Center

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With company growth, the number of employees increases. This means more HR management problems too. The problems get serious when branch numbers grow, as employees are dispersedly placed.

Company Profile

Monkey Tree, founded in 2009, is a popular local education centre providing extra-curricular English courses for children. The company has 61 branches — 57 in Hong Kong and 4 in Macau. With its over 100 English tutors and administration team, the traditional way of processing employee information with Excel forms is no longer enough. Monkey Tree chooses YOOV WORK as their tool for HR management, effectively optimizing efficiency and processing time.


HR management was a headache with the company’s growing workforce. Leave management was especially complicated. Whenever a teacher took leave, an application form was to be filled in. The form was signed by Center Supervisor, then scanned and emailed to the headquarters. After the HR staff at headquarters received the emailed form, application details were inputted one by one into Excel forms.

Problem Solved With YOOV WORK

Monkey Tree started using the YOOV WORK system in 2018. With the system’s built-in leave management system, tutors can view leave balance (according to leave types), and make leave applications (e.g., annual leave, sick leave, compensation leave etc.) via the YOOV WORK app. Center Supervisors can use the app to approve leaves too. Upon approval, the tutor is notified. HR can get informed of leave approval status, leave balance and other information through our system, saving the need for manual documentation.


Monkey Tree’s workload on leave application and statistics has been greatly reduced after switching to YOOV WORK, with most processes becoming system based. Tutors can get informed of leave balance and approval status through our system, avoiding complex liaisons with HR.