IWS Group:Tweaking Productivity With YOOV WORK

IWS Group:Tweaking Productivity With YOOV WORK

IWS Group Holdings Limited

📍 Security Management/Guarding Services/Facility Management Services

Company Profile

IWS Group Holdings Limited has over 10 years of experience in property management, security, guarding, sanitary and other services, hiring over 1,000 employees. Its clients include enterprises like MTR Corporation and government departments.


With a large workforce, HR management difficulties are inevitable. To IWS, one of them was how to save and update employee information.

For all 1,000 employees of IWS, their information was stored on a single Excel file. It’s not hard to imagine flaws appearing as the file was edited by multiple people. Also, with multiple saved versions, it was difficult to distinguish which one’s the newest and most accurate — misunderstandings were common.

Employee data storage/update led to another problem with staff ID renewal reminders. Most of IWS’ employees held multiple types of ID cards or certificates, e.g., Security Personnel Permit and Mainland Travel Permit. For those over 65 years old, a doctor’s certificate was also required. Most of them needed regular renewal. Else, if the law was violated, IWS might face huge penalties or have their operations disrupted.

To ensure all employees were holding valid IDs, HR needed to use the Excel form regularly to find out employees with IDs expiring soon, reminding them of ID renewal. However, with the company’s large workforce, there were different IDs with different expiry dates. It’s not unusual for HR to “miss” employees with expiring IDs — IWS might have to face legal consequences due to this.

In addition, IWS needed to print thousands of payslips for its staff. Many employees needed the slip for income testing or subsidy application purposes. That said, the slip might have been lost already after distribution, causing them to ask for a new one from HR. Reprinting payslips didn’t only put a burden on HR — it also wasted lots of paper. Its clients include enterprises like MTR Corporation and government departments.

Problem Solved With YOOV WORK

IWS overcame the problem with YOOV WORK. On employee data storage, the YOOV WORK system prevents multiple file versions from existing at the same time. HR officers can edit/update employee information through our system simultaneously — collaborative work with efficiency is now possible. All employee data is stored in the system — the management can access it directly if needed.

YOOV WORK also comes with an automatic reminder feature where HR can set reminder times for expiring IDs or certificates. With employees needing ID/certificate renewal displayed at a glance, no renewal reminder will ever be missed.

The system has built-in pay slip functionality too. Employees can view and download their monthly payslips with the YOOV WORK mobile app. No more pay slip loss and paper wastage.


To manage a 1,000-people workforce, using Excel and remembering manually aren’t enough. YOOV WORK digitalizes employee management, lowering error rate while improving efficiency — this kills two birds with one stone.