Cafe Hennessy and WYJI

Cafe Hennessy and WYJI

Cafe Hennessy

📍 Hong Kong Style/Noodles/Rice Noodles/Tea Restaurant/Food Wise Eateries

Located in Wan Chai’s Jaffe Road and O, Brien Road, the two contemporary cha chaan tengs have the same owner. With their convenient locations, simple-yet-elegant deco, and food of great value, both eateries are popular among workers nearby.


Lunch hours are crucial for the restaurants — lots of customers come and go. With all seats filled, the staff used to become overwhelmed — order-taking mistakes were common. As most customers were workers and were in a rush, faster-serving speed was also needed. Serving meals faster would also mean higher sales.

Both restaurants needed a reliable restaurant POS system. They had a POS system before, but it was faulty and poorly serviced by the system provider. In light of the epidemic, the restaurants also looked forward to the mobile QR code ordering feature — a great way to reduce contact and let customers dine at ease.

Restaurants’ Needs Met With YOOV EAT

YOOV EAT’s restaurant POS system is more than stable and reliable. Our professional customer service team is always there for technical support. Whenever an incident occurs, we’ll get it covered.

YOOV EAT is also built with mobile QR code ordering functionality. Apart from reducing customer-staff contact, it also avoids staff order-taking mistakes, speeding up the dining process.


Both restaurants love YOOV EAT’s mobile QR code ordering feature. Our system’s smoothness and stability have effectively raised operational efficiency, benefitting the table turnover rate too.