YOOV Capital Provides Financing Options For SMEs

During the year 2020, the epidemic is raging, the global economy is down, all industries are experiencing a recession, and SMEs are among those most affected.

"Many SMEs are struggling to survive due to the epidemic, despite government relief measures, the impact of the epidemic is far-reaching and the number of subsidies can only alleviate the immediate needs. In the long run, SMEs look forward to surviving the difficulties and require appropriate funding solutions to support business development and explore more opportunities in the "epidemic" market." Phil Wong, C.E.O. of YOOV, explained the goal of YOOV Capital in an epidemic environment.

YOOV was established in 2016. Aiming to promote business digital transformation in Hong Kong, YOOV WORK, an HR Management and Workflow Approval System, YOOV EAT, a Cloud Restaurant Management System, have been introduced successively. To assist different industries in automating daily management and operations to save time and resources. YOOV has provided digital solutions to more than 5,000 companies and has been awarded the Capital Outstanding eCommerce Awards 2020/21, which is highly regarded for its service quality.

YOOV Capital was established to provide SME companies with an additional financing option besides banks. With the use of multiple invoices, Obtain working capital early to expand your business.

"Additionally, YOOV Capital is also a crucial part of our company, to provide a truly one-stop service for SMEs: financing, digital management, procurement, business promotion. YOOV has the ability to accomplish this in one go. Stay together with SMEs, in this difficult moment." Phil added.

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