How Does Attendance System Benefit Businesses?

An attendance system is an electronic system that records information such as commuting time, work overtime, late arrival, and early departure for employees. Depending on the company's needs, the rules for early arrivals and early departures can be customized in the system. Automatically record, calculate and analyse attendance data which can be used as a reference for salary adjustment, bonuses and attendance bonuses. Share the workload among HR departments and improve efficiency.

Blended working has become the norm in recent years, but it comes with a lot of problems. For instance, during WFH, how can a supervisor ensure that employees are actually on business? Are employees keeping their working hours? Is it possible to record attendance results remotely by HR?

When the traditional attendance mode is not able to meet the above conditions, a more flexible solution to enterprise management is to use an electronic attendance system. Here are three advantages of it:


1.   Keep Track of Employee Status in Real-Time

How can businesses enhance performance? Monitor your employees' performance in real-time.

In the past, applying for fieldwork required supervisor approval and signature. How long was the process? During WFH or fieldwork, employers find it difficult to know the exact location of workers. Often, employers cannot reach workers immediately. So, how can employers monitor their working conditions?

An electronic attendance system can solve both problems! Workers can submit fieldwork permission online, and supervisors are notified immediately. The attendance system is not restricted by region. Through mobile attendance, users can clock in and out from anywhere using their mobile device. The system will automatically record the time and location. Supervises can keep track of employee status, no matter late or work overtime.

A supervisor can access the data of punch-in, time-off, work overtime, and fieldwork in the system to get an overview of employees' attendance records.


2.   Diversifying Attendance Method

Using traditional attendance methods, such as paper cards and punch-in clocks, may result in long lines during rush hour. Is it possible to manage employees more efficiently?

There are several attendance systems available on the market to support multiple punch-in methods, such as GPS or Wi-Fi punch-in. It is not necessary to purchase additional equipment since the punch-in process can be completed with a mobile phone, which is faster. Attendance machines are equipped with face recognition systems or fingerprint readers. The cloud punch-in method can be instead of traditional methods. Data can be imported to the cloud database in real-time, saving time and effort for data entry.


3.      Calculate Attendance Data Automatically

Toward the end of every month, the HR department is busy integrating and calculating attendance data, then delivering the attendance data to the accounting department for salary calculations. It could save a lot of time by using an attendance system! Apart from recording attendance information, the system can also calculate salary, compensation, overtime allowance, etc. based on predefined rules. It is possible to generate reports and verify the information using an Excel spreadsheet. Saving time and reducing human error simultaneously!

How do I choose among the various attendance systems on the market? YOOV is a cloud-based HR management solution with features such as recording attendance data, rostering, calculating salary, workflow approval, employee management, and leave management. With the mobile app, to resolve your variety of management issues. Business models are changing, attendance management should be conducted electronically. A cloud-based attendance system may be advantageous for you.