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YOOV Email

In an unsatisfactory business environment YOOV CLOUD can still achieve your dreams


To start an online business, you need a domain. People identify your business with the domain — everything starts with it.

YOOV Email

Giving customers a professional image is a great way to stand out in the industry.By using corporate email, that is, the same email name as your domain, you will be more professional and credible than other peers using free email such as and

Build your own website

Website is the best place for to display your products and services to customers on the Internet. Unlike a Facebook page, you can decide how to design and display everything on your own website.And the website building function of YOOV CLOUD is very easy to use, even a computer beginner can easily build a website.

Why choose YOOV?

Online business is the trend. With a large number of consumers tending to shop online, you must not miss this huge consumption power. To make your business online, domains, corporate emails and websites are three indispensable elements. It seems very troublesome to apply for a domain, a corporate email and set up a website. YOOV CLOUD is a platform that solves these problems. It is not only easy to use, but free of charge. In the unfavorable business environment, YOOV can help you save as much time and money as possible, so that you can focus on operating your business and develop new business opportunities.

YOOV WORK Cloud-based HR Management and Process Approval System

Tedious HR tasks can be troublesome, YOOV WORK simplifies these tasks for you.

Salary calculation, leave management, scheduling, punch-in and more. This is especially true with work-from-home measures put in place under the pandemic — conventional HR management is insufficient. YOOV WORK simplifies these tasks for you. Now, you can focus on developing your business.

YOOV EAT Restaurant POS System

In-App Takeaway and QR Code Mobile Ordering Features

With the epidemic ongoing, customers increasingly prefer takeaways. YOOV EAT supports mobile app ordering — double your number of takeaway orders with us. Our QR ordering feature means less contact with staff, giving your customers a worry-free dining experience.

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