YOOV WORK, a Cloud-based Collaborative Work System

An all-in-one, cloud-based automatic corporate management system that makes scheduling simple, convenient, and quick. Say goodbye to the messy hand-written rosters — e-scheduling is tidier and simpler.

Customize Shifts and Attendance Method

Set customized working time and punch in method for individual employees. Managing employees across departments and working modes is now easy.

Customize Shifts and Attendance Method

Create multiple attendance group (Fixed /Shifts/Flexible Working Hours/No punch in) according to the working pattern, and set work time and punch in method. The system manages and calculates employee attendance data and salaries upon user rules.

Set Shift (On and off duty time, Punch-in during lunch break, flexible working hours)

Set Attendance Group Punch-in Method, work time and rules )

Calculate Attendance Data and Salaries Automatically

Batch Produce Shifts for Enhanced Efficiency

Batch Produce Shifts for Enhanced Efficiency

Quick Scheduling

Schedule daily/monthly shifts for multiple employees of the same category in a few minutes. It’s simple and quick.The System Equipped with different types of statistical tables, which can display the number of workers according to the shift, time, and work location. It is more convenient to deploy manpower.

Quick Scheduling by week/month

Assign employee working location

With Transfer records

Add Leave Record for employees, and show the employee’s Leave information on Roster

Sync with Phone for Instantaneous Roster Viewing

Edit the roster via cloud-based platform anywhere, anytime. With real-time updates on mobile devices, employees can access the latest information with clarity.

Sync Roster with Mobile App

Any roster change is synced with our mobile app. With scheduling information shown to employees real-time, enjoy neat messaging and communication.

Sync Instantaneously between System and Mobile App

View Latest Roster on Employee Mobile App

Submit Shift Swapping Request on Employee Mobile App

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*Yearly service fees waived for eligible corporate clients.

Team Plan



The first 25 employees are free for the first year

We hope to overcome all potential challenges together with SMEs (subject to terms and conditions).

Business Plan




Annual fee of $990 per 5 employees Suitable for all functions. Includes technical support Annual fee waived (subject to terms and conditions).

Enterprise Solution

200people or more

Extra Discount


Suitable for all functions Includes technical support Annual fee waived (subject to terms and conditions).

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14-day Trial Experience

The “14-day Trial Plan” allows you to try out the ultimate convenience brought to you by the YOOV WORK system. The trial requires no fee, and you will have access to all features and services.

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1-to-1 Telephone Consultation Service

Our 1-to-1 telephone consultation service informs you of YOOV WORK’s system features - use them to enhance your company’s management efficiency.

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