YOOV WORK, a Cloud-based Collaborative Work System

All-in-one, cloud-based corporate automatic management system. Calculate salaries instantly and work with ease, efficiency, and security.

Preset Rules for Stress-free Auto Salary Calculation

Preset rules for the system to record data of late at work, early leave, overtime, and no-pay leave. No more stressful salary calculations at every month’s end, as our system will do it for you.

Salary Calculation

Our system follows preset rules and consolidates attendance and leave data for monthly automatic salary calculation. E-payslip is generated and sent to employee’s mobile app for reference.

Set Full-time and Part-time Rules (Monthly/Daily/Hourly Salary)

Set Attendance Reward/Penalty Rules (Late at Work/Early Leave Reductions etc.)

Set Leave Salary Rules (Annual Leave/Sick Leave/Personal Leave etc.)

Set Compensation Rules (E.g. Overtime/ Remote area work Allowance/Attendance Award)

Select MPF Type

Calculate Salary and MPF Amount Automatically

MPF Mandatory and Voluntary Contribution Setting

Select MPF Type (General/Industry Plans/Foreign Employees)

Set rules for voluntary MPF contributions

Automatic calculation of MPF amount

Detailed E-payslip with Excellent Privacy Protection

System-generated e-payslips are sent accurately to employee’s mobile app. This saves time of handing out pay slips individually and avoids incorrect distribution.


Our system-generated electronic pay slip lists items in details. The clear information allows both parties to validate the salary paid. E-payslips are sent to employee’s mobile app to prevent slips being incorrectly distributed or lost.

Generate E-payslips Automatically

View and Confirm Pay Slips on Mobile App

Employee can View and Download Payslips on Mobile App

Quick Salary Adjustment with Complete Records

Save your time and adjust salary for multiple employees in one go. To help with future references, adjustment records are stored in an all-inclusive way.

Salary Adjustment

Adjust salary individually or in batches according to entry, probation, and promotion conditions; View adjustment records (salary before/after adjustment, reason, and effective date).

Adjust Salary Quickly

All-inclusive Adjustment Records

Clear Data charts, Master resource allocation

The system automatically generates various reports and the data is clear at a glance

Monthly Salary (Whole Year)

Automatically generate electronic files to easily complete the entire salary process

The system automatically generates Bank AutoPay files, MPF Remittance Statements, and Tax forms (IR56B/E/F/G/M)

to facilitate management and reduce human errors due to repeated copying

Compatible with Bank Autopay format of 6 banks

Compatible with MPF Remittance Statement of 8 MPF Trustees

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*Yearly service fees waived for eligible corporate clients.

Team Plan



The first 25 employees are free for the first year

We hope to overcome all potential challenges together with SMEs (subject to terms and conditions).

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Annual fee of $990 per 5 employees Suitable for all functions. Includes technical support Annual fee waived (subject to terms and conditions).

Enterprise Solution

200people or more

Extra Discount


Suitable for all functions Includes technical support Annual fee waived (subject to terms and conditions).

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14-day Trial Experience

The “14-day Trial Plan” allows you to try out the ultimate convenience brought to you by the YOOV WORK system. The trial requires no fee, and you will have access to all features and services.

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Our 1-to-1 telephone consultation service informs you of YOOV WORK’s system features - use them to enhance your company’s management efficiency.

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