YOOV WORK, a Cloud-based Collaborative Work System

An all-in-one, cloud-based automatic corporate management system that allows you to take a day off at ease. The system manages employee leaves for you — no more hassles while you are not at work.

Customize Leave Types for Specific Employees

Set Leave Types

The system includes some common Leave types by default (such as Annual Leave, No Pay Leave, Birthday Leave, etc.). The administrator can set other Leave Types in the system if necessary according to the company policy.

The system will grant and clear leave entitlement automatically according to the rules

Set Leave Application Rules (One-day/Half-day/Hourly, Whether Employee can take leave within Probation)

Set Date Granting Rules & Date (Leave grants on January 1 every year/employee’s work anniversary day/self-defined common holiday year, Grantly monthly/annually)

Set Leaves Entitlement associated with the Seniority

Set Leave Validity Period and Leave Balance Rolling Rule (Roll over partial/all balance, how many months/years can be retained/valid permanently)

Set sending notification before expiry of the Leave to remind employees of the Leave Balance

Flexible Leave management, clear Leave Records for easy tracking


The system will automatically manage Leave Granting, Adjustment, Clearing and Usage Records

Administrator can manually adjust (increase/reduce) Employees’ Leave Balance

Administrator can import Leave Records

When an employee applies for Leave, system will automatically deduct the balance. The Leave Record and Balance can be exported to Excel for archiving

Ease Burden at Work with Self Application and Review

Self-serve Leave Management

For employees applying for a leave, all they need is a mobile app. The system picks up approval records automatically and returns an accurate leave balance. Calculation errors are no longer a concern as inputting data manually is no more; Employees can also enquire leave history and balance without having to contact HR.

Apply for Leave via Mobile App

View Leave History and Balance via Mobile App

Automated System Records and Calculations


*Yearly service fees waived for eligible corporate clients.

Team Plan



The first 25 employees are free for the first year

We hope to overcome all potential challenges together with SMEs (subject to terms and conditions).

Business Plan




Annual fee of $990 per 5 employees Suitable for all functions. Includes technical support Annual fee waived (subject to terms and conditions).

Enterprise Solution

200people or more

Extra Discount


Suitable for all functions Includes technical support Annual fee waived (subject to terms and conditions).

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14-day Trial Experience

The “14-day Trial Plan” allows you to try out the ultimate convenience brought to you by the YOOV WORK system. The trial requires no fee, and you will have access to all features and services.

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Our 1-to-1 telephone consultation service informs you of YOOV WORK’s system features - use them to enhance your company’s management efficiency.

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