YOOV WORK, a Cloud-based Collaborative Work System

All-in-one, cloud-based automatic corporate management system. Wave goodbye to hand-written attendance records as YOOV’s system brings you automatic management and report generation — there’s no need to go through the painful memories of manually calculating attendance data and salaries again.

Know Where Your Employees Are Going, Wherever You Are

Get informed of your people’s working venue and time. Be it work-from-home or field work, all you need for punch-in and attendance is a mobile app.

Punch-in Remotely with Mobile App

Punching-in via mobile app is great for both work-from-home and field employees. The app automatically records GPS information and time upon punch-in (on-site image proof can be requested as part of punch-in requirements), giving you a full sense of your employees’ working venue.

Mobile App Punch-in

Automatically Record Punch-in Time and Place

Take and Upload On-site Image

Works for All Working Venues

Remote Punch-in Examples

Calculating Attendance Data Automatically Has Never Been That Easy

Our system records various attendance data, then automatically calculates salary reduction, compensation pay, compensation leave and other items according to user rules. Say goodbye to manual calculations.

Customize Attendance Rules

Set your own single/accumulative fixed-amount or percentage penalties for being late at work or leaving early. Overtime rules are also available — feel free to define compensation pay or leave according to company needs.

Set Deduction Rules

Set Overtime Compensation Rules

Calculate Attendance Data and Salaries Automatically

Know Employees’ Status with In-depth and Real-time Attendance Records

Late at work, early leave, absence, leave, overtime, field work or others, all types of employee attendance information are displayed before you.

Real-time Attendance Records, in Details

From late at work, to early leave, and to leave, review your company’s attendance fully and make prompt responses. With our mobile app, employees may view attendance records anytime and fill in missing attendance records.

Punch-in Records

Leave Records

Overtime Records

Field Work Records

(For Employees) View Records on Mobile App

Multiple Punch-in Methods with Ultra-speed Data Processing

The system supports multiple punch-in methods including facial/fingerprint recognition, mobile app GPS/WiFi punch-in and data import from third-party attendance machines.

Multiple Punch-in Methods at Your Disposal

YOOV’s attendance machine supports punch-in via facial or fingerprint recognition. With real-time data importable upon connecting with system, it’s time to forget the complicated steps of handwriting information; Mobile app punch-in (via GPS or workplace WiFi) is also available.

Support attendance machine with face or fingerprint recognition

Supports Mobile App Punch-in (via GPS or WiFi)

Real-time data synchronization with YOOV EAT POS punch-in data

Batch Import Data from Third-party Attendance Machine

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Suitable for all functions Includes technical support Annual fee waived (subject to terms and conditions).

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The “14-day Trial Plan” allows you to try out the ultimate convenience brought to you by the YOOV WORK system. The trial requires no fee, and you will have access to all features and services.

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