YOOV WORK is HK’s leading HRIS software and HR management system (HRMS) designed for small and medium enterprises. The system has complete human resources management, data management, and workflow management tools. Together, they simplify complex HR tasks and enable more efficient work. You can register for a free trial of the YOOV WORK HR management system to see how it will fit your organization. *Eligible corporate customers can be exempted from the annual service fee.

Digitise Daily Business Operations

YOOV WORK is a one-stop cloud enterprise HRM system solution, simplifying work for more efficient processes.


Use our HR app to access approval management and time management tools anytime, anywhere.

Human Resource Management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and use the YOOV WORK HR system to manage your team easily, and more conveniently.

Staff Management

With the YOOV WORK system, you can monitor and manage your employee attendance, vacation and expense applications, enabling you to fully realize online electronic management.

Multiple functions are integrated into one, fully covering the needs of personnel management.

Salary calculation

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Attendance management

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Shift management

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Process approval

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Holiday management

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Staff management

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A well-rounded solution

Our HR Management System utilizes a variety of tools to save on manpower and process management resources.

Improve performance

Digitalized data makes searching, viewing, transmitting, and editing much easier, with it being possible to do so at the touch of a finger. Our HR system supports the simultaneous operation of multiple users, increasing collaboration and speeding up team processing.

High security

Our HR system is equipped with state-of-the-art firewalls to prevent hacking and theft of data. The data itself is securely stored in the cloud system through “bank-level” SSL transmission, encryption, and AES encryption technology. This helps avoid the risk of unauthorized access and loss of important and confidential information from your company and employees.

Easy to manage

All application and approval procedures have been digitalized and standardized, replacing many of the former management systems. This mitigates the risk of human error and loss of storage.

Remote office

Through cloud technology, managers and registered employees can log into the system anywhere, anytime, no longer being confined to the office. Employees can also use the mobile HR app to check in, ask for leave, check announcements, and change forms. This makes communication and file transfer much more convenient for employees.

Cut costs

The HR management system automatically calculates salaries and generates various reports, shortening the processing time of management personnel, enabling employees more time to devote their work on tasks related to the core business activities.

Function optimization

Our HRM system is continuously updated and optimized regularly, and new features will be added continuously to enhance user experience and bring more benefits to your business enterprise.

We have the trust of more than 5,000 corporate and institutional clients.


*Yearly service fees waived for eligible corporate clients.

Team Plan

1-25 people


The first 25 employees are free for the first year

We hope to overcome all potential challenges together with SMEs (subject to terms and conditions).

Business Plan

26-200 people



Annual fee of $990 per 5 employees Suitable for all functions. Includes technical support Annual fee waived (subject to terms and conditions).

Enterprise Solution

200 people or more

Extra Discount


Suitable for all functions Includes technical support Annual fee waived (subject to terms and conditions).

Our Support Plan

We have 3 tiers of customer support plan for you!

Main Services Basic Support Plan Business Support Plan Enterprise Support Plan
Service hour Monday to Friday 9:30-18:30 (Except Public Holidays) Monday to Friday 9:30-18:30 (Except Public Holidays) Monday to Friday 9:30-18:30 (Except Public Holidays)
Longest response time 1 working day 4 hours 2 hours
Whatsapp Support
Email Support
FAQ & Document
Phone Support
Technical Account Manager
Live Zoom support if necessary
Service fee Free HK$400 /month HK$800 /month

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

After the user fills and signs the registration form, we will contact the individual to confirm via phone or email within one working day. Instructions on how to access the account and use its related functions will be provided on this call.

During the trial period, no fees will be charged to the user. The trial period for YOOV WORK HR system lasts 14 days prior to expiry or renewal.

After the trial period, we will not automatically charge the user. Instead, we will first confirm with the user that they wish to continue using the HR system, before officially charging the service fee.

For the service fee for YOOV WORK. please refer to: https://yoov.com/work

The YOOV WORK system is applicable to all walks of life. Users can register first, and a specialist will contact us to prove more detailed information later.

The user can stop the trial at any time as needed, and no service fee will be charged for terminating the trial.

The cloud system will store data on the internet. Users can log into the system with their own device to access the data at any location, without having to be restricted by locational factors.

A firewall is added to the system and data is encrypted and encoded during point-to-point transmission and storage. This protects against hackers and data theft, protecting the valuable information of the company and employees.

The YOOV WORK system is easy to use and can be used without superior computer technology.

There is no need to install any software or computer programs as the platform is held entirely online. Just log in to the cloud platform to use it.

The system will automatically update its functions, and our technical team will provide local technical support services. There is no need to worry about maintenance issues as our team is happy to handle any requests.