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HR and Workflow Approval System

Restaurant POS System

Managing the company’s daily affairs has made you exhausted?

YOOV Diversified management system helps you simplify your work

Save more resources for longer-term development

YOOV WORK Cloud-based HR Management and Process Approval System

Let YOOV WORK simplify daily HR works for you.

Tedious HR tasks can be troublesome: salary calculation, leave management, scheduling, punch-in and more. This is especially true with work-from-home measures put in place under the pandemic — conventional HR management is insufficient. YOOV WORK simplifies these tasks for you. Now, you can focus on developing your business.

YOOV EAT Restaurant POS System

In-App Takeaway and QR Code Mobile Ordering Features

With the epidemic ongoing, customers increasingly prefer takeaways. YOOV EAT supports mobile app ordering — double your number of takeaway orders with us. Our QR ordering feature means less contact with staff, giving your customers a worry-free dining experience.

YOOV CLOUD cloud-based platform

Find business online and attract online customers endlessly

You are able to manage Domain, corporate email and website for free in YOOV CLOUD!

About YOOV

As a local Hong Kong technology company, YOOV is committed to assisting clients in automating and digitalize work, improving working efficiency and strengthening competitiveness.

In the unsatisfactory economic environment, YOOV still believes that there are many opportunities in Hong Kong, and hopes to help companies digitize their daily work through the use of cloud management systems. Customers can concentrate their resources and focus on making their business better.

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Why Choose YOOV?

YOOV WORK Cloud-based HR Management and Workflow Approval System

Client: Monkey Tree

YOOV EAT Restaurant POS System

Client: Route83

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