Providing Fitting Solutions for Businesses Heading to Automation in Management and Operations

About Us

Since day one, YOOV has been devoting itself in advocating digital automated management among Hong Kong businesses. According to studies, digitalized companies grow 13% more than those without digitalization. 87% business leaders view digitalization as their company’s top priority — business digitalization is the future. Our 80-people IT team launched YOOV WORK (Office Automation), a HR resources management and workflow approval system, and then YOOV EAT, a POS management system for dining venues. We seek to help businesses in automating daily management and operations in return for savings in human resources and time. The ongoing pandemic has devastated many businesses. YOOV helps businesses not only by offering an automated management system that saves cost, but also by facilitating online marketing. Our all-new YOOV CLOUD cloud-based app platform helps businesses in finding new customers online with minimal cost — a great way to get ahead in an undesirable economy.


History of YOOV


YOOV Established


YOOV WORK Launched


YOOV EAT Launched


Seed Round Funding Obtained


Angel Round Funding Obtained (Investment by Mirae Asset, a Subsidiary of Korea Development Bank, and Agriculture Fund of China, a Subsidiary of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)


Title Sponsor of TVB’s ‘Innovation GPS’ TV program


Launch YOOV DOMAIN, YOOV EMAIL and YOOV DIY Website Builder


Total Client Count Reaches 3000


Total Client Count Reaches 5000


Won the Capital Outstanding eCcommerce Awards 2020/21