Cloud & Mobile Business Operation is the Future

YOOV transforms business management by shifting corporates to the cloud and empowering them with mobile business operation. We maximize their business operation efficiency so that every business can earn more and pay less for every business.

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Problems Encountered

Problems facing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

Lack of Efficiency

More than 80% of SMEs are still not using any office automation system to manage their daily operations, such as work flow management, staff/payroll management and membership management etc. They are still only using papers or emails for recording and communication. This is due to the lack of choices of office automation systems customized for SMEs in the market. Others are expensive, too general, not localized and not comprehensive enough, etc.

High Operating Cost

One of the problems facing SMEs is their limited purchasing power. They cannot purchase with large quantities and as a result, they need to purchase at a higher cost.

Lack of Customers

SMEs usually operate under a tight budget, particularly for advertising. Lack of exposure results in lack of customers.


Office software is expensive

YOOV OA is an affordable solution
All-in-one business management tools including attendance, work flow approval, storage, announcement, etc only cost 1/10 of traditional systems

Difficulty in client management

Unified management of customer data
Using YOOV instant messenger to contact customers can keep property record and customer data for customer management

Problem in searching employee info

Find anycolleague’s mobile number within 3 seconds
YOOV address book updates in real time. Colleagues’ phone numbers can be looked up an messages can be sent anytime and anywhere

Company rules unclear

Announcement noticeinformation must be reached
The company’s notices are all sent using YOOV announcement, guarantee receipt by everyone

Low efficiency in business operation work flow

Mobile approval is efficient and fast
YOOV mobile approval eliminates the manual delivery of paper documents, and the process is initiated and can be approved anytime and anywhere without going back to the desktop computer

Difficulty in attendance management

Mobile phone attendance is simple and convenient
YOOV mobile attendance is simple and convenient. All statistical attendance is automatically generated. Status can be viewed anytime and anywhere, which greatly improves personnel management

Difficulty in files sharing

File sharing is simple and convenient
YOOV cloud storage allows team shares files instantly