YOOV+ No-Code Automation Platform


  • Easy to build
  • Workflow Automation
  • Centralized database
  • Business intelligence
  • Reduce IT complexity and cost
  • Quickly adapt to market changes
Easy to build

Easy to build

Simple and straightforward building process, YOOV+ empowers you to create custom business applications without writing code Manage data, digitize workflows and automate processes only by clicking, not coding.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Configure workflows to automate your business applications with minimal steps and iterations With YOOV+, any user who understands business logic can build an application easily.

  • Automated shipping and receiving process
    Use YOOV+ to automate the daily shipping and receiving process.
  • Sub-process function
    Handle multi-item purchase, sales and inventory transactions at the same time, and send notifications to suppliers and customers at the same time
  • Automatically create new records
    When adding a new customer, the new record will be automatically copied to the company list and contact list
Centralized database

Centralized database

Migrate all your spreadsheet databases to YOOV+ for a clear view of your data. YOOV+ ’s online database gives your team access to the information they need anytime, anywhere. The platform’s mobile and desktop applications make it easy to click and view data in-real time no matter where you are.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Anyone can easily create reports on YOOV+. Use your data to create reports you need in different ways. View your information in real-time in YOOV+ via graphs, pie charts, and bar charts. There are over 20 types of charts helps you to visualize your data instantly. You can create insightful dashboards for your team. Whatever reports you want, YOOV+ can show create.

Reduce IT complexity and cost

Reduce IT complexity and cost

Many of organizations don’t have enough budgets for digital transformation. Shortage of IT resources lead to the massive backlog of development requests. YOOV+ enable business users to create purpose-built applications using only drag and drop tools reduces the need for additional IT talent and infrastructure costs.

Quickly adapt to market changes

Quickly adapt to market changes

Nowadays, organizations need business agility to stay competitive. According to FinancesOnline, the average time to build a customized ERP systems takes 17.4 months. By using YOOV+, you can adopt agile practices for testing and quickly launching minimum viable products as needed. You can continuously improve the applications for faster time-to-market and constant innovation.

  • Highly customized
    Add and customize different applications at any time, such as project management, sales, accounting, etc. Can share and synchronize data with existing applications.

Customer Showcase

  • Electronic equipment omni-channel merchants

  • Cross-Border Trade Association

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