Corporate Email Hosting Pricing Guide

Features Free Advanced Professional
Personal Mailbox Storage Space 3GB 30GB 100GB
Free From Nuisance Advertising
Spam Filtering
Email Privacy and Security
Pricing Guide Free HK$9.99 /month HK$14.99 /month

Why Corporate Email System?

Why YOOV Corporate Email System?

Corporate Email Hosting Pricing Guide

Simple and Useful

Our corporate email system is all-rounded. From calendar to other features, it has everything you need. What’s more? Enjoy flexibility when you register for corporate email hosting with YOOV: Log into your email accounts through various email clients.

Free to Use

The corporate email system is free to use forever with no time limit!

Corporate Email Hosting Pricing Guide
Corporate Email Hosting Pricing Guide


Our corporate email system filters and blocks 99.9% spams, giving you an ad-free experience.

Professional Support

Got questions when using our corporate email system? Get in touch with our team and we’ll answer them for you. You will get the answer you need.

Corporate Email Hosting Pricing Guide

YOOV Makes You Professional and Reliable

Get your corporate email system now to boost customer trust!

Without domain, how can a corporate email system work? Without website, how can customers find your corporate email address?

Corporate Email Hosting Pricing Guide


Want to get started with digital marketing? Owning a domain is the first step to making this possible. Registering a domain with YOOV is half-price for the first year, and is quick and easy to set up!


Struggling to build a website, and cannot afford your own website developer? Our system enables you to build your own website quickly and easily. Best of all, it is free to use!

Corporate Email Hosting Pricing Guide

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

- Your mailbox has reached its storage limit. - You’re using an invalid email account. - You’ve typed the wrong password. - Your domain has expired.

- With our email hosting, you can own a personalized email address (e.g., which establishes corporate image for your website and company. Every time you send an email, your domain promotes you to clients and leads, giving you an image in others’ mind. - By not choosing ordinary services like Gmail, Yahoo! and opting for a professional email address instead, you display commitment to your company. - You can use your name or department to create a unique and catchy email address ( - Different from most email service providers, our email solution is ad-free — process your messages without being disturbed or intruded by ads.

- Please check if your email settings are correct. - You’re using an invalid email account. - Your domain has expired.

A corporate email system allows you to include your company’s domain in an email address. Every time an email is sent, you promote your company’s name and build an image. Use email clients like Microsoft Outlook to access your corporate email system. All devices (including your phone) work well with our corporate email system. With our cross-device auto sync feature, manage your email system in a timely manner anytime, anywhere.

To disable your email system’s anti-spam system, please get in touch with our representatives.

Yes! We block spams to keep your inbox clean. Our anti-spam and anti-virus filter is capable of blocking >300 million unwelcomed, harmful emails at any time.