YOOV EAT Restaurant POS System Free Bonus Feature: Takeaway Ordering

In light of the pandemic, we offer you the takeaway ordering feature. Boost your restaurant’s sales and overcome this crisis together.

1. Improve Sales with Remote Takeaway Ordering

You can display your takeaway link on website or social media (Facebook/Instagram), or send it to your customers (via WhatsApp/WeChat). With takeaway ordering possible anytime, anywhere, your restaurant’s sales will be benefitted.

1. 遙距外賣點餐提升生意

2. Save Manpower with QR Codes

Post your restaurant’s QR code at storefront. By scanning the code, customers can self-order without having to wait for your busy staff. Speed up the takeaway process and save human resources.

2. 掃瞄QR CODE節省人手

3. Update Your Menu Instantly at Ease

No more hustle looking for a menu online. Our takeaway ordering system comes with e-menu and dish images for customer’s convenience. Feature as many dishes as you wish and update them anytime.

3. 精美菜單容易即時更新

4. Offer Dish Customization Options at Ease

Let customers choose side dishes, ingredients, and portion. Improve customer satisfaction with a heartily customized dish.

4. 輕鬆提供客製食物選項

5. Serve Your Customers with Personalized Drinks

Similarly, let customers choose ingredients and portion. Provide exceptional services to your customers with a custom-made drink.

4. 客製飲品貼心服務

6. Shorten Takeaway Waiting Time

After ordering and online checkout*, the order is sent to kitchen/bar right away. With dishes/drinks made sooner, customer can have their meals ready upon arrival at restaurant, having an enhanced takeaway ordering experience. *The online checkout feature is coming soon.

*The online checkout feature is coming soon

5. 縮短外賣等候時間

7. Seamless and Orderly Takeaway Pick-up

Your customer receives a number after ordering. The ordered takeaway is collected using the number, avoiding mix-up with other customers.

6. 取餐更流暢有序


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Ease Store Startup Stress with Installment Plan up to 12 Months

We understand the burden of starting a new restaurant. That’s why you can relieve your cash flow’s stress with our 6 or 12-month installment plan for the YOOV EAT restaurant POS system.

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The YOOV EAT restaurant POS system has been successfully approved as a fundable project many times, allowing customers to enjoy the multifunctional system at a low cost, greatly improving the operating efficiency of the restaurant.

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