YOOV EAT Restaurant POS System

Simplify and automate your restaurant’s operational processes to save resources and costs.

Track Your Tables All-roundly

View each table’s order, time elapsed and occupancy at a glance. Reviewing your restaurant’s status from the cashier is easy.

Number of Tables Available

Know instantly how many tables are available at your eatery to facilitate customer entry and table reservation.

Time Elapsed since Entry

Limit dining time for table turnover control during peak hours. You can also use this feature to ensure timely services provided to new customers.

Zone Division

Divide your restaurant into zones for neat interface and easy table management.

Table Division

Divide specific tables into smaller ones flexibly according to number of customers — utilize every seat.

Make an Order in a Wink

Even a complicated order can be made in a few taps. Enjoy an easy and quick ordering process.

All-inclusive Menu

Our system displays your menu in full with customer requests (e.g., spring onion or sauce free) supported — there’s no need to memorize or keep looking at the menu when ordering.

Dish Prices

Know all your dishes’ prices and calculate your total sales automatically and precisely — wrong pricings are no more.

Limited Menu

Set quantity limits for specific dishes, and let customers change their choice of dish upon prompt sold-out notice.

Print Receipt

Print a receipt with order details listed clearly in one click — wave goodbye to hand-written receipts.

Instant Order-taking

Convey order contents to kitchen/bar in one click. Enjoy speedy serving and avoid passing hand-written information back and forth.

Adjust Dish Contents Flexibly

To address your needs, our system allows adjusting specific scenarios or dishes.

Adjust Specific Dishes

Reassign a dish to another table, or set it as discounted, free-of-charge or cancelled.

Set Special Price

If needed, subject specific dishes to price adjustments upon ordering.

Reserve Dishes

Reserve specific dishes according to customer requests and serve it as soon as the customer requests so.

Switching between Dine-in/Takeaway

Switch between dine-in or takeaway according to customer requests.

Additional Features for Customer Needs

Our additional features enable you to provide services and benefits to customers.

Switch Tables

As you switch tables for your customers, our system updates their orders too. Avoid hassles during serving and checkout.

Order Adjustment

Set an order as discounted, free-of-charge or cancelled.

Additional Fees

Charge cakeage, corkage, and additional service fees according to your restaurant’s needs.

Membership and Benefits

Set benefits and provide discounts/points for your members.

Manage Takeaway Orders at Ease

The YOOV EAT system is built with takeaway self-ordering feature. Takeaway orders are received by the POS machine instantly for you to manage.

Takeaway Ordering

Make takeaway orders on the spot.

Takeaway Orders

Receive and manage takeaway orders remotely via mobile phone.

Provide Convenience with Multiple Payment Methods

The YOOV EAT system works well with BBPOS machines. With multiple payment methods supported, offer a handy payment experience to your customers.


Simply type in the order amount and have the payable amount displayed on BBPOS machine — no repeated typing needed.

Multiple Payment Methods

The BBPOS machine supports Octopus, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and other payment methods, providing customers with a trouble-free payment experience.

Accurate Analytics for Flexible Resources Allocation

The YOOV EAT system automatically records data and complies it into valuable information, enabling analysis and flexible adjustment of resources/strategies.

Sales Reports

Analyze daily sales, number of orders, average consumption amount (per person/order) and other types of data.

Performance Statistics

Analyze business performance, dish refusal rate etc. for department/waiter appraisal.

Item Reports

Collect statistics on popular dishes’ sales and sales volume, and adjust ingredients inventory and dishes available.

Payment Statistics

Collect statistics on amount received via various payment methods, and on membership card top-up amount.

Reports Basing on Time Periods

Analyze sales data upon time periods for manpower, dish, and pricing adjustments.

Discover More Free Features

The YOOV EAT system is offering you the “Self-ordering” and “Online Takeaway Ordering” features for free. Enhance your restaurant’s customer experience, competitiveness, and efficiency!


To start self-ordering, all a customer needs to do is scan a tabletop QR code. With customers relying less on waiters, you can save human resources.
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Takeaway Ordering

You can display your takeaway link on website or social media, or send it to your customers. With takeaway ordering possible anytime, anywhere, your restaurant’s sales will be benefitted.
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Ease Store Startup Stress with Installment Plan up to 12 Months

We understand the burden of starting a new restaurant. That’s why you can relieve your cash flow’s stress with our 6 or 12-month installment plan for the YOOV EAT restaurant POS system.

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Successfully approved as a TVP project many times

The YOOV EAT restaurant POS system has been successfully approved as a fundable project many times, allowing customers to enjoy the multifunctional system at a low cost, greatly improving the operating efficiency of the restaurant.

We are happy to provide you with further feature information, and a POS system demonstration. Fill in the form and get in touch with us!
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