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Wait no more for long payment terms up to 120 days Get paid within 24 hours

Factoring service allows SMEs to quickly access the cash tied up in outstanding invoices and grow with sufficient cashflow.

Why choose Factoring?

Cashflow is important to every business. Having sufficient cashflow benefits your business not only smoother daily operations, it puts you in a better position to explore business expansion plans.

Factoring (also known as Invoice Finance) improves your cashflow by quickly turning accounts receivable into working capital. Even if your buyer takes up to 120 days to pay for their invoices, Factoring helps you to maintain sufficient and healthy cashflow.


Quick Approval


Rapid Cash Out


Invoice Amount

Advantages of Invoice Financing

Release cashflow pressure

Get paid promptly without waiting for up to 120 days payment terms.


Access to cash up to 90% of invoice value

Grow your business by turning accounts receivable to cashflow.


No collateral is required

Funding limit grows in line with your turnover not collateral.


Invoice payment reminder

Remind your local or overseas buyers to pay on time, saving up your time and labour force.


Simple and fast approval process

Flexible application and approval process comparing to traditional banks.


Dedicated client manager

Experienced client manager takes good care of your account to provide speedy and responsive services.


Factoring Workflow

3 simple steps to access your funding:

1. Provide a copy of your invoice and relevant documents.
2. Cash up to 90% of invoice value will be released within 24 hours.
3. YOOV CAPITAL will pay you any remaining balances after invoice payment is settled on or before the due date.

Case Study


Plastic products export

Wayne is an exporter of plastic products with main markets with large supermarket chains in Europe and the US as his main customers. He also owns a factory in Dongguan, sales turnover over $1 million.
Taking advantage of the rapid development of online purchasing platforms in recent years, Waynes's business has grown rapidly. His high-quality products and punctual shipping schedules are highly respected by customers and have gradually attracted some larger buyers. However, these buyers demanded longer payment terms that the bank rejected to increase the credit line to support the growing business. As a result, their cash flow was greatly affected and the production capacity reached to a bottleneck.
With the Factoring services provided by YOOV Capital, Wayne can obtain 80% of the invoice in cash right after the goods are shipped. It provides sufficient funding to the business to expand the factory and enhance the production capacity, take-on new orders and expand the business to new markets. The collection services came with Factoring services also greatly improves delayed payment situations.

Invoice Amount $1,000,000
Funding Amount $800,000
Payment Term 90 Days
Service Fee 1.5%
Discount Rate 7% p.a.
Total CostApprox $28,808



Global Recruitment Service

Mr. Tang is the chief financial officer of the Asia-Pacific region of a global recruitment company. The company’s main business is to provide outsourced personnel recruitment services for large companies such as listed companies, banks and insurance companies. A large amount of monthly cash flow is required to meet salary and MPF contributions. Funds and other operating and administrative expenses. As its customers enjoy payment periods ranging from 30 days to 60 days, the company has a funding gap, cash flow has become increasingly tight, and has restricted the company’s business development.
Mr. Tang began to seek financing solutions. However, due to the fact that the company did not have any property as collateral in Hong Kong, the bank was unable to provide sufficient financing to meet the company’s huge monthly expenses.
Finally, Mr. Tang found YOOV CAPITAL to provide it with accounts receivable financing services, and customized financing plans to suit the company’s business model and turnover. Only upload invoices every month, and after verification, 80% of the invoice value will be issued. Easily solve the problem of tight cash flow.

Invoice Amount $800,000
Funding Amount $640,000
Payment Term 60 Days
Service Fee 1.5%
Discount Rate 7% p.a.
Total CostApprox $19,364


Factoring Cost Calculator

Invoice Value
Please enter between 100,000 and 1,000,000 ($)
Payment Term (Days)
Please enter between 30 and 120 (day)
Funding Amount
Cash Available($)
Factoring Fee ($)
Discount Fee ($)
Total Cost ($)

Why choose YOOV Capital?


We think flexibly and innovative to meet your financial needs, because we understand your business and the challenges of running a business.

Quick and easy

Our application and approval process is quick and easy, because we aim to provide the funding you need asap.

One stop support

Other than finance solution, YOOV offers all rounded business solutions such as Cloud solutions, helping you to achieve the goal of digitization.

為什麼選擇 YOOV Capital?

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Factoring is suitable for most B2B businesses in various industries, such as manufacturing, export, wholesale, human resources, I.T., property management…etc. You should consider apply for Factoring, if: - You offer your customers 30 to 120 days payment terms - Your customers always pay on schedule - You hope to get paid quicker

Factoring application usually takes 2-4 weeks. Our business development manager will work with you closely to process your application in the shortest possible time.

1.You provide business information for Factoring application purpose. 2.Our business development manager will offer tailor-made financial solution to you according to your needs. 3.You start to send us invoice copy and get your funding after Factoring facility is set-up successfully

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